Dr. Stan Benda


Dr. Stan Benda (Ph.D., Law)  is an adjunct professor at Osgoode Hall Law School, where he teaches two experiential courses: the Osgoode Business Clinic and Contracts Drafting.  He is also an adjunct at Ryerson University where he teaches the doctrinal courses of business law, information law and intellectual property law.   His legal interests lie primarily in technology transfer and regulation of biotechnology– in particular crops and food — and secondarily in legal and contract drafting.

Dr. Stan Benda was educated at the Royal Roads / Royal Military Colleges in International Studies (Economics, Politics, History).  He went on an academic exchange to West Point, US Military Academy.  He was trained as a combat arms officer in the Royal Canadian Armour Corps,  was commissioned at a first Lieutenant in 1977 and posted to the Lord Strathcona Horse armoured regiment.

Subsequently, Dr. Stan Benda attended the University of Calgary Law School,  practised with an oil and gas firm and later in 1984 practised with the Yukon Department of Justice as one of the three founding lawyers.  In 1988  he was invited to joint the Federal Department of Justice (Whitehorse office).  His practice in the Yukon dealt with mining, poaching, maintenance enforcement, children’s’ aid (abused children in care) riparian issues and federal prosecutions (Criminal Code / Drugs) including appearances before both the Yukon and Federal Courts of Appeal.

In 1990 he  moved to the Edmonton office of Federal Justice where he practiced aviation law, public works contracts (RFPs / tenders), and commercial / residential / ski leaseholds in Jasper and Banff.  In Ottawa with Transport Canada legal services he was tasked with the privatization of Arctic A Airports, and Class B airports in Alberta and British Columbia.  He also dealt with the privatization of the New Brunswick to Maine ferry line.

Commencing in 1996 he acted exclusively for Agriculture Canada, Intellectual Property branch.  There he dealt with technology transfer (in particular licensing) of genes, plant varieties, denominations and attendant agricultural software.  In 1999 he also acted for Agriculture Canada International Science Secretariat where he was the Canadian legal delegate to the UN FAO and dealt with the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, especially the standard material transfer agreement under the Treaty (“SMTA”).  He also represented Agriculture Canada in the Cartagena Protocol UN meetings.

During his time with Agriculture, Dr. Benda earned his LL.M. in intellectual property and his Ph.D. in the labelling of GM foods. Dr. Benda has published a number of papers on IP, Biotech and Agriculture in both Canadian and American legal journals.

In 2009 Dr. Benda sought further challenges, and took early retirement from Justice Canada and commenced teaching  as an adjunct,  as well as having a practice dedicated for plant, crops and biotech law and teaching contract drafting to contract / commercialization / technology transfer officers / managers.

He remains keenly interested in biotech / agriculture / food  law as well as contracts drafting. He immensely enjoys teaching  hungry minds of any age.

(For more information kindly visit: http://www.iplawyeron.com or Linked-In under “Stan Benda”)


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